Everyone knows the saying, "a picture is worth a thousands words." What if we were able to make a picture worth more, by making it interactive and even more useful for a user?

With Addteq's Office Admin add-on, you can have a completely interactive software or system architecture flow diagram. The problem with current flow diagrams, is that they are not interactive. They do a great job at organizing your architecture, but it does not explain each individual part of your architecture. 

Imagine you want to know about the object or figure present in the diagram. All you need to do is to move the cursor over that particular entity in the image and the tagged information will be displayed. Tagging the information has a benefit over writing the content on top of an image, as it keeps the image in original form instead of messing up the original image content. The two diagrams below demonstrate the difference between the tagging feature and the more traditional way of marking the objects in the image. The left diagram shows the desired tagging feature while the right one shows a more traditional way.

out-21.gif        output_IiA0H8.gif


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What is the Flow Diagram feature of Office Admin?

The Flow Diagram feature of Office Admin provides the functionality to tag the objects in the image with meaningful information like name and source link. Using the Flow Diagram feature is very easy. First, add the Flow Diagram macro in Confluence. Then, upload an image inside of the Flow Diagram macro. Once the image is uploaded, then select the area of the entity and fill out the required information. Below you can see an image's different entities being tagged. URLs can also be linked within a tag to visit a specific site. If changes need to be made, tags can be edited at anytime.

  out-26 (1).gif

The Flow Diagram can be a very useful asset in creating interactive documents needed for development or software teams. For example, database architecture diagrams can be designed as a flow diagram and then tagged using this plugin. It would be really easy for new team members to understand the database architecture of their company, by simply visiting the page. The simple and user friendly interface of this add-on can be a good tool to manage flow diagrams of different systems, architectures and processes.  

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