Docker is an amazing technology that is improving the way individuals, teams and organizations are building, shipping and operating software.  However, one of the core tenants of Docker's success has also been the community which is not limited to the online participation and knowledge sharing. There are conferences and talks around Docker/Container technology including Docker Inc's DockerCon amongst numerous others. The grassroots Docker community has been nurtured via the meetup groups and there is an ever growing number of these around the world. Addteq has had the privilege to attend a few of the Docker NYC meetup presentations which have always been very educational and fun to connect to fellow enthusiasts of the ecosystem surrounding the technology. We were definitely excited when the Docker Global Mentor Week was announced:

Building on the the success of the Docker Birthday #3 Celebration and Training events earlier this year, we’re excited to announce the Docker Global Mentor Week November 14-20, 2016. This global event series aims to provide Docker training to both newcomers and intermediate Docker users. More advanced users will have the opportunity to get involved as mentors to further encourage connection and collaboration within the community. The Docker Global Mentor Week is your opportunity to either #learndocker or help others #learndocker. Participants will work through self paced labs that will be available through an online Learning Management System (LMS). We’ll have different labs for beginners and intermediate users, Developers and Ops and Linux or Windows users. via:

Addteq's very own CTO, Himanshu Chhetri, signed up to be a mentor for the Global Mentor week event at Docker NYC with the hopes of sharing Addteq's enthusiasm, experience and advocacy of Docker! The location of the meetup was conveniently held at the Cisco Systems office at 1 Pennsylvania Plaza which is a short walk from New York Penn Station.

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The training content put together by Docker Inc was very thorough and practical. The content was in the form of self paced online tutorials broken down into various courses eg: "Developer - Beginner" to "Intermediate"  and "Operations - Beginner" to "Intermediate". There was really good participations and the attendees were grouped by which course they wanted to tackle during the event.

"I opted to work with the "Developer Intermediate" group - we occupied one of the conference rooms to have a classroom setting," Himanshu said.

Himanshu would summarize his experience as a mentor in this tweet:


The group Himanshu worked with during the self paced tutorial for the "Developer Intermediate" was very engaging and asked great questions around the training content that they were working through. All though they did not complete the entire course, the team made great progress overall. They also had some discussions around the real world usage of Docker and some common operational concerns such as best practices for Volumes, Networking and Orchestration.

"Overall I felt that this was as much of a learning experience for me as a mentor as it was hopefully for the attendees of the event." - Himanshu Chhetri

Shout-outs to the amazing co-organizers of Docker NYC: Jesse and Luisa who put a lot of hard work to put together the event. The success of Docker NYC definitely owes to their dedication! If you are in or around the NYC area than please consider joining Docker NYC and attending the future meetups. You will be sure to see many Addteq folks at the future events as well.  

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