2016 is coming to an end and it has shown to be a great year for Atlassian, Marketplace add-ons and expert creations. With that, we would like to share our favorite Confluence add-ons of 2016.

Addteq's Excellentable

Have you ever wanted a fully functional spreadsheet within Confluence? Tired of using Disconnected Spreadsheets that just do not work? Now you can create dynamic and interactive tables in Confluence just like Excel. Addteq uses Excellentable for almost everything from ordering lunch, documenting APIs, finance and accounting, sales to managing marketing budgets. With Version 3.1 and Versioning being released, 2016 was a huge year for Excellentable. Version 3.1 included an updated UI, sharing searches, data center compatibility, over 450 formulas, right click features, drag and drop importing and simple exporting. All of the popular formulas are supported in Excellentable. Not only does Excellentable allow you to search for specific items or terms within a spreadsheet, but you can share your search. Excellentable was created to try to maximize Confluence's potential to create functional spreadsheets without having to export any pre-made tables. Confluence users can create, edit, share, import and export spreadsheets easily which makes this one of our favorite add-ons in 2016.

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Addteq's Office Admin

Office Admin is your go to add-on for organizing your office. Addteq leverages all of the Office Admin features from powering our architecture diagrams, plotting our office floor plan, to storing organizational information in user profilesOffice Admin allows you to easily view and create tags in flow diagrams and floor plans. You can display profile information in floor plans. Office Admin allows you to configure the User Profile form and its fields in an intuitive drag and drop user interface. Create interactive floor plans and seating arrangements via the "Floor plan" macro. Optionally, integrates with the user profile to provide a click link to the seat number and highlights it on the floor plan. Office Admin is a very simple yet powerful add-on that makes it to our favorite list for 2016.

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Scroll Viewport

Deliver beautiful and responsive Confluence pages and blog posts to the web simply and rapidly using HTML, CSS and JavaScript while still having full styling control. Scroll Viewport makes theme development a breeze, and gives 100% control to the web developers. Write templates to take control of how your content is presented to various end users and audiences, add a few simple tags, and upload to Confluence. Define viewports in Scroll Viewport to deliver this content simply and rapidly. Many companies use Scroll Viewport to display their knowledge bases and blog sites including Atlassian themselves. Our career site and our blog site you are viewing right now is powered by Scroll Viewport so it is on our favorite add-ons for 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 12.17.58 PM.png

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Comala Publishing

Publish draft pages and spaces to published spaces. Comala Publishing allows you to link two spaces, one for drafts and another for published content. Easily identify the state of each page, publish each page at a time or synchronize the entire space. Quickly identify what pages and attachments need to be updated on the public space. Synchronize entire spaces with a single button. The blog you are reading right now is powered by Comala Publishing which allows us the ability to have a Blog Drafts space as well as a Published space. Blogs are drafted and finalized then published to our Published space in confluence. Comala Publishing is a solid add-on which makes it one of our favorites for 2016.

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Security and Encryption 

Not sure where to store a common password, credit card information, software licenses or account details? Using Confluence as a Password Manager? Encrypt, manage & audit passwords using Security and Encryption add-on by ServiceRocket. The Secure Macro encrypts sensitive data and displays as a simple inline button for easy access. Data is encrypted and decrypted at the client-side, hence no unsecured data is transferred or stored in the server. Encrypt sensitive information whether it's presented in plain or rich text. The Secure Macro keeps a record showing who has created, decrypted, and edited the secured data, all at the fingertips of the administrators. This secure add-on gets a spot in our favorites for 2016. 

Note: Addteq does not recommended this add-on as a replacement for a password manager. This add-on allows you to protect sensitive info like product licenses and other secrets in Confluence while allowing you to meet compliance and having an audit trial.

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Run CLI Actions in Confluence

Looking to create self service for Atlassian Administration within Confluence? Look no further, the Run CLI Actions in Confluence add-on allows just that and more. Execute powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) automation right within Confluence. Administrators can document and run automation from a Confluence page. Accomplish tasks without any bounds from importing JIRA issues without a JIRA administrator to importing information from other Atlassian applications. Run CLI actions in Confluence allows you to execute Atlassian product's CLI commands from within a confluence page. You can design a confluence page using a form to include different fields and buttons to execute administration tasks for all Atlassian products like JIRA, Confluence and more. This powerful add-on makes it way to our favorite list for 2016.


Run CLI Actions in Confluence by Bob Swift

We are excited for the future of Confluence add-ons. The standard has competitively risen in 2016 which only makes 2017 something to look forward to.