Atlassian's HipChat provides online chat and instant messaging for teams of all sizes. It features one-on-one and group/topic chat, cloud-based file storage, video calling, searchable message-history and inline-image viewing. Add-ons for HipChat can be installed to make HipChat more integrated into your ecosystem. We use several add-ons for HipChat to increase efficiency and to make our jobs easier. HipChat is the platform to achieve the ideal ChatOps environment and we will be having more blog posts about it in the near future. For now, we would like to announce our favorite HipChat add-ons and integrations for 2016.

Default Integrations

HipChat has pre-installed add-ons that can be used right away. These add-ons provide more functionality from other Atlassian products with easy integration. Some of the most popular and useful default add-ons are:


Bamboo for HipChat

Bamboo for HipChat, made by Atlassian, allows you to send Bamboo build notifications directly into your HipChat room. You can get a notification in a HipChat room when a build passes or fails, when you are assigned responsibility for breaking a build and many other types of notification events. We use Bamboo for HipChat internally, to receive real-time notifications for our Bamboo builds. We collaborate and provide feedback based on the results that are posted from Bamboo.

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Download from the Marketplace


Bitbucket for HipChat

Let your codebase join the conversation with Bitbucket for HipChat. Get notifications for pull requests, commits, and issues by connecting Bitbucket repositories with HipChat rooms. From either the Bitbucket repository or HipChat room, you can add new notifications, remove existing ones, or change the types of notifications that will be sent. Bitbucket for HipChat keeps us on our toes; when code changes are made and ready to be reviewed, tested and deployed.

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Confluence for HipChat

Share information and collaborate in real-time with Confluence for HipChat. Connect Confluence spaces with HipChat rooms to keep everyone on your team informed. Join the projects you work on in Confluence with discussions in your team's room in HipChat. You can choose to receive notifications when pages are created, blogs are published, or updates are made to pages in your Confluence space. Notifications in HipChat are delivered in real time and accessible on any device, so you can stay on top of what everyone is working on and move projects forward, faster.

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See how to integrate Confluence & HipChat


JIRA for HipChat

Resolve your issues faster with real-time notifications from JIRA for HipChat. Receive notifications about new JIRA issues, comments and more in your room. Customize which projects and tickets show notifications into your HipChat room. Get previews and notifications of your tickets right in the sidebar. Mention issue keys in HipChat rooms and receive a summary of the issue directly in chat. We create dedicated HipChat rooms for projects and use JIRA for HipChat to keep us informed. When JIRA issues are created, updated or closed we are alerted right away to take action.

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Check out JIRA for HipChat




Polly allows you to create polls using its slash command. Keep the UI open to watch your team-mates' votes flow in. Rankings and graphics automatically adjust. Polls can be closed to prevent further voting. There is even an auto-close feature for when you want to close voting at a certain time. Polly gives us the ability to make ad-hoc polls for receiving a popular opinion. It is very easy for us to make these polls for something as simple as what lunch we should order for Friday.

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Sassy Bot

Sassy Bot retrieves almost anything you can imagine from the internet with a simple set of slash commands. This fun bot retrieves images (both static and animated gifs), the weather, maps and even helps you create memes in real-time. But don't worry, Sassy's got a safe image search on. But, then again, it's a bot named Sassy - so you can expect it to liven up your team room.

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See How Sassy Bot Can Upgrade Your HipChat


Sentry for HipChat

This add-on integrates Sentry, allowing you to receive notifications and work with your application health data within HipChat. Configure which projects should notify a HipChat room directly from within HipChat. New events or expanded issue links will render expandable cards with the most important details about a Sentry event. On a click they can open in the sidebar for a quick glance. The Sentry glance will keep the last events mentioned always in view to never lose track of what happens in a channel. Sentry is a very powerful add-on for HipChat in which we use to send errors automatically to key rooms for our add-on development.

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Check out Sentry for HipChat on the Marketplace

Custom Integrations

HipChat can have integrations that do not require building a full add-on for it. These integrations can be as small and as simple as notifications to a chat room. One of the examples is the Nagios integration we built for HipChat.



Addteq created an integration of HipChat and Nagios to bring detailed status information of our infrastructure in real-time. Nagios is a free and open source application that monitors systems, networks and infrastructure. This simple integration brings important real-time alerts like heart beat, memory usage, cpu usage and more. The integration posts success, warning and failure messages based on defined thresholds. While we are only leveraging the basic HTML messages in HipChat, we plan on expanding this to use Card messages similar to the default add-ons. We are also looking to open source this or possibly bring it to the HipChat marketplace.

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HipChat add-ons can be very small and simple, yet make a very large impact to your everyday HipChat uses. We always enjoy the HipChat add-ons and are excited to see the future for them. We look forward to more blogs and events around HipChat and the latest trend, ChatOps, that will be released in the near future. This is the final installment in our favorite add-ons for Atlassian Tools in 2016 blog series. We hope you enjoyed this series and look forward to 2017's review!

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