Excellentable - spreadsheets for Confluence have had major advancements over the past few months including UUID, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, and HTML exports. Unfortunately, those major updates were only available for server and data center versions of Excellentable. 


In this latest release of Excellentable, we have integrated all of the server and data center versions of Excellentable so that all the current features are released concurrently on all the platforms. Yes, that means you Cloud users. Confluence Cloud users will now have full functionality of Excellentable and all the features to create seamless, dynamic spreadsheets directly in a Confluence page.

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The new Excellentable Cloud

Excellentable cloud users can now unleash the full power of a spreadsheet in Confluence. With Excellentable you will be able to reference multi-sheets, improved font and formatting sets, data validation and conditional formatting, and many more features. Now, all Excellentable releases will feature the same version details simultaneously no matter the deployment options. 

Features in edit mode of Confluence

The video below shows detailed view of the new experience Confluence Cloud users will have while using Excellentable. 

Collaboration in View Mode

In Confluence view mode, we expect to see a clear wiki page, after we have embedded all of our macros. We designed Excellentable to be just as functional in view mode, as it is in edit mode. With an added bonus of a seamless layout of a spreadsheet in view mode. You can search and filter a spreadsheet from the view mode of Confluence. You can also download the file directly and share the results with your team. You will also be able to edit a file directly from view mode or download it as a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv. 


New Pricing

Because this is the first production release of Excellentable on Atlassian Cloud, Addteq had to increase the price per user marginally.  If you have any questions regarding the new pricing, you can reach out to us here.

Try Excellentable for Cloud

Want to demo Excellentable Cloud?

We can set up a personal demo for you and your team! Contact us at sales@addteq.com.  

Stay tuned for a webinar invite where we will be doing a full demo of the latest release of Excellentable Cloud.