Organizations across industries today are moving to the Cloud, to leverage benefits across flexibility, scalability, and stress-free maintenance.

As the software delivery sector realizes the benefits of Cloud Computing, enterprise software giant Atlassian is driving all its focus on delivering organizations with great cloud experience. With more than 90% of businesses using Cloud software in one form or the other, Atlassian realizes the potential of Cloud and is driving tremendous efforts in enhancing its Cloud capabilities across all of its products. 

 Today, Cloud is a big part of Atlassian’s future, and with constant enhancements to Cloud tools, Atlassian is giving enterprises enough reasons to migrate their Atlassian instances to the Cloud. 

Why Atlassian Cloud? 

In recent years, Cloud has witnessed immense growth in the software delivery space, enabling teams to collaborate more efficiently, innovate more effectively, scale quickly, and focus their efforts on aspects that matter most. 

Atlassian Cloud offers everything that maturing teams need to enhance collaboration and improve scalability. 

With Atlassian Cloud, teams can:

• Make the most of the latest Cloud features and develop, manage, and support applications through their lifecycle.

• Simplify billing using a pay-as-you-go model and add users to instances as and when required.  

• Receive a safe and dedicated environment to test apps and preview new features – without causing performance issues or downtime. 

• Enjoy a 99.95% uptime SLA and the highest priority support from Atlassian for any issues or challenges they face. 

• Get immediate and automatic access to the latest updates and bug fixes and not worry about patches or upgrades. 

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How Atlassian Cloud Enables Scale and Control 

For organizations that are entering new markets, bringing in new products, expanding their teams, and experiencing immense growth in general, Atlassian Cloud offers a lot more than just access to on-demand resources and collaboration tools. It opens doors to an integrated ecosystem of modern workflows, apps, and plugins along with an unmatched uptime guarantee, and extremely high level of support. 

 Here are some features Atlassian Cloud offers that enables scale and control: 

•  Large number of users: Like any modern Cloud, Atlassian Cloud supports a large number of users, allowing organizations to scale without worrying about performance glitches or application outages. While the Free plan supports up to 10 users, the Standard and Premium plans to support up to 5000 users – with Premium offering unlimited storage and 24x7 Premium support. What’s more, Atlassian’s Enterprise Plan is expected to support unlimited users in the Cloud – making it easy for organizations to scale as they grow and not worry about performance (or scalability) glitches and roadblocks. 

Unmatched uptime SLA: Atlassian Cloud hosting infrastructure designed for optimal performance and reliability, and offers unmatched uptime SLA (99.95% for Atlassian Cloud Enterprise and 99.9% for Atlassian Cloud Premium) along with the highest priority support. This allows teams to count on reliable products and focus on organizational objectives – and not worry about logging or resolving issues. Organizations that use Atlassian Cloud can run mission-critical projects and operations and enjoy capabilities of products, applications, and networks that are stable and secure – even at scale.

High level of support: Atlassian also offers a high level of support to keep systems running smoothly – 24x7 by offering 30-minute response times for Enterprise customers and one-hour response times for Premium customers. With access to highly trained support teams that ensure high-quality coverage for all issues, Atlassian Cloud provides quick response times for known issues as well as workarounds to resolve them in time. No matter how big the team gets or how many products are being used, Atlassian Cloud offers a support option for everyone. All teams need to do is choose the right service level and cost for their organization and make the most out of the Cloud implementation.

Centralized user management, security, and billing: As the user base grows, it becomes excruciatingly difficult for organizations to manage the growing number of users, the different plans, billing, and more. With Atlassian Cloud, user management is centralized: Atlassian Access makes it easy for organizations to enjoy enterprise-grade security and centralized administration across all Atlassian Cloud products. Organizations can simplify the billing structure and assign users to an unlimited number of instances in their environment – using a single user license. 

Greater security and compliance with data residency: Atlassian Cloud is built on robust infrastructure and takes advantage of elastic scale, multi-level redundancy, and failure options across the world. Currently, Atlassian is working on enabling flexible data residency options that will pave the way for greater security and compliance – based on where organizations are located and where they want to store their data – thereby reducing latency and maintaining reliability. Using Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, teams will soon be able to specify where they want to store their data and thus meet local and regional regulatory requirements with greater ease. 

Compatibility and integration with several apps and third-party tools: In addition to offering a host of frequently updated features and capabilities, Atlassian Cloud plans also offer compatibility and integration with several apps and third-party tools – enabling teams to extend their Cloud capabilities to better meet their business needs. Today, more than 1,000 apps and integrations are available today in Atlassian Marketplace, with over 250 Cloud apps and integrations added in the last one year.

 As the digital boom continues to disrupt the business landscape, the Cloud will be a critical driver that will enable organizations to respond to changing market conditions with great agility. 

 Atlassian Cloud, with its modern features and capabilities, is the perfect choice for growing software delivery teams to access the tools and resources they need to build cutting-edge software while enabling scale and control that the modern world demands.

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