Atlassian Server products have enjoyed roughly two decades of unprecedented success across the world. What started as a simple issue tracking software soon expanded to a rich portfolio of products with features that help teams manage tasks beyond the software delivery lifecycle. 

As the advantages of Cloud adoption across streamlined administration, instant scalability, and quicker time to value take over, it is now time for organizations to bid adieu to Atlassian Server; after all, all good things do come to an end!   

Why you need to think about migrating from Atlassian Server

Atlassian announced End of Life for Atlassian Server products. After EOL, Companies have no choice other than to either migrate to Atlassian Data Center or Atlassian Cloud. 

According to Atlassian

• On February 2, 2021, Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses, which means companies will no longer be able to purchase or request a quote for a new server product. 

• They will continue to receive support for existing products until 2024 – although at an increased cost

• On February 2, 2024, Atlassian will end support for all server products, which means support and bug fixes will no longer be available for server products.

Why and When you should Migrate to Atlassian Cloud? 

As more and more organizations look to become cloud-centric, the road to Cloud is extremely crowded. In fact, according to Atlassian, more than 90% of companies today opt for Atlassian cloud products, with a colossal number making the switch from server to cloud – every single day! And with enough reason: Atlassian Cloud empowers organizations to keep pace with the latest regulatory and security requirements while leveraging the latest development platforms and flexible plans to innovate quickly and drive transformation. 

As Atlassian Server approaches End of Life, Atlassian has made it extremely easy for existing Server customers to move to Cloud. The Atlassian Migration Program (AMP) offers step-by-step guides to customers along with free migration tools, a dedicated migration support team, and the opportunity to run a free cloud migration trial. 

Here are some reasons why and when you should migrate to Cloud:

WHY choose Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian Cloud is a great option for all types of Atlassian applications. Given Atlassian’s commitment to Cloud, cloud products are most likely to be extremely futuristic, with many enhancements constantly being launched.

WHEN to choose Atlassian Cloud

     • When organizations need to set up their products instantly, without worrying about procuring, implementing, maintaining, or supporting their infrastructure. 

     • When teams want to focus on developing good-quality software and not worry about administrative overhead. 

     • When teams want exceptional flexibility and scalability, they can scale their products easily – without interruption or downtime. 

     • When organizations want to save up on CapEx costs and enjoy more predictable and controllable OpEx costs with simplified billing. 

     • When organizations want to enjoy enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance features and adhere to an evolving industry, regulatory, and government regulations. 

Why and When you should Migrate to Atlassian Data Center? 

The main reason why Atlassian Server is being discontinued is because of the rate at which organizations today are racing towards Atlassian Cloud products. However, for organizations that are not (yet) ready for the cloud, migrating(first) to Atlassian Data Center is a great option.  

Since Atlassian plans to continue to offer the self-managed Data Center, along with loyalty discounts for eligible customers, here are some reasons why (and when) you should migrate to Data Center

WHY choose Data Center

  • Atlassian Data Center is ideal for mission-critical applications that need high availability – and can easily scale up or down based on demand. By ensuring high uptime of applications, it minimizes the impact of potential downtime. 

WHEN to choose Data Center

  • When organizations need to provide uninterrupted support to a large number of users.
  • When high deployment flexibility is a core requirement, so products and instances can be tweaked as per the requirement. 
  • When teams need tighter control over instances and need to scale applications and infrastructure with confidence. 
  • When teams need uninterrupted and easy access to tools to carry out day-to-day operations. 

Cost Considerations 

Organizations setting out to migrate from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Data Center/Atlassian Cloud need to be aware of the costs they will be incurring. 

Here are some costing considerations to keep in mind: 



Any migration is a massive undertaking and requires organizations to embark on the journey with utmost precision. Partnering with migration experts like Addteq is a great way to ensure that the migration from the Server environment to the available options (Data Center or Cloud) environment happens efficiently and cost-effectively. The Addteq migration experts bring with them decades of experience in successful migrations. They also have a deeper understanding of migration best practices, knowledge of common challenges as well as their solutions, ensuring that organizations can achieve the best results. 

The clock is ticking. Contact us today! 

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