Many organizations struggle with their ITSM implementation due to the challenges of integrating multiple tools to provide integrated workflows. The increasing sprawl of tools and technologies is compounding this problem. It is best to embrace technologies that can act as building blocks that can be connected instead of using siloed alternatives.


Opsgenie is a modern and feature-packed incident management platform that is also tightly integrated into Jira Service Management for an overall ITSM solution. Jira Service Management has a powerful automation feature where you can add custom rules for sending Slack notifications based on specific criteria like critical alerts or SLA breaches.

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Opsgenie has a Slack app that can be utilized for minimizing the friction for incident communications with these features. Check out this video to learn more:

  1. Create Slack channels for your incidents
  2. Auto-invite the incident responders to the channel
  3. View incident details from the Slack channel
  4. Take actions on the incident from the Slack channel
  5. Add your Slack messages to the incident timeline in Opsgenie

However, the possibilities of automation go beyond managing the lifecycle of the incident itself. Teams are constantly under pressure to resolve incidents in a timely manner and they frequently rely on pre-defined run-books. Opsgenie Actions allow you to trigger automation and integrations with third-party services that may be a part of the remediation workflow from within the Opsgenie web or mobile interface. Opsgenie Actions supports AWS via integration with AWS Systems Manager and AWS Simple Notification Service. This enabled use cases such as being able to reboot EC2 instances from an Opsgenie alert triggered by your monitoring tool. 

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Opsgenie actions also support custom REST API end-points and Opsgenie Edge Connector which unlock the possibility of integrating with any third-party service or executing custom scripts. These integrations enable teams to build automated run-books instead of relying on manual error-prone steps. Below are a few examples of some of the powerful use cases enabled by these features:

  1. Ansible playbook triggered from alerts for auto-remediation or enrichment. 
    1. 0464930-zabbix-diagram-768x320.png
  2. Stop Security Attacks with Automated Threat Detection & Remediation from AWS & Opsgenie
  3. Consolidate alerts from all of your monitoring tools and leverage Opsgenie's extensive number of integrations.
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  4. Use Opsgenie OEC to automatically take a JVM thread dump or similar (based on the technology stack) if the process being monitored crashes. 

Flexible automations are possible by leveraging the features of Opsgenie, Jira Service Management, and Slack together.  These automations enable implementing powerful ITSM workflows that can save time, eliminate manual work and reduce errors.

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